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Portrait art by Vian Kao
Portrait by Vian Kao

My photography consists mainly of scenes I encounter in the course of my days, although I sometimes also work on assignments. Projects and themes emerge only after distance and consideration reveal them. And all of this is subject to change.

My work has been published in TIME, The New Yorker, Standart, and other magazines, and I've held solo exhibitions at galleries in Taipei, Taiwan and Hangzhou, China. In 2011 I joined up with several other photographers around the world to form the Burn My Eye photography collective, with whom I’ve exhibited in London, Cardiff, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Athens, etc.

I've penned several articles on the subject of street photography, and conducted photography workshops in Paris, San Francisco, Bangkok and Taipei. I’ve also been teaching a course on street photography to students at Zhong Zheng Community College in Taipei since 2015 (minus various pandemic intrusions).

I've been many things over the years, including a film director, TV cameraman, editor, production assistant under the late Edward Yang, musician with The Muddy Basin Ramblers, and a conscript soldier in an infantry unit in Taiwan's Army.

I was raised in the United States before immigrating to Taiwan in the late 1980s, renouncing my U.S. citizenship in favor of Taiwanese nationality. Today I live at edge of the Taipei basin.

Contact me at poagao at the g-mail.



2011年,我與幾位來自世界各地不同國家志同道合的優秀攝影師共同成立了 Burn My Eye 攝影團隊,近幾年我們陸續在倫敦、巴黎、舊金山、澳洲、雅典等地共同舉辦攝影展及受邀演講。








雖然我在美國長大,80年代放棄了美國國籍入籍臺灣。今天我住在台北盆地的邊緣。 通過 gmail 的 poagao 可以與我聯絡。


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